Electrolytic degreasing and cleaning line

During high temperature annealing, the surface grease will affect the coating and cause high-temperature annealing surface of the black and adhesion. Strip steel degreasing cleaning line for the electrolytic cleaning of steel surface to remove the steel surface of the protective oil, residual iron and other pollutants, so that after annealing the steel surface residual carbon, residual iron volume to be effectively controlled, at same time can inhibit bonding strip when annealing and other defects production etc., to achieve the tin plate, automotive sheet, plate appliances cleanliness requirements.  We company can provide customers with electrolytic degreasing production line and chemical degreasing cleaning line, the process principle is as follows. 

Electrolytic degreasing and cleaning line

When the strip through an alkaline solution-soluble, under Interchangeable polarity DC role. The steel strip alternates into an anode or a cathode. The surface will be a lot of gas precipitation. The gas on the oil film will have a powerful emulsifying polarization and mechanical tear effect. Prompting the oil to leave the strip surface, which is electrochemical degreasing, electrolytic degreasing. Production practice has proved, The rate of electrochemical degreasing often several times higher than the speed of chemical degreasing, And oil clean up more clean. 

Production line process parameters

Production line process

Uncoiler → two-roll pinch-off machine → five-roll straightener → shear machine → welding machine → two-roll pinch-off machine → chemical degreasing → electrolytic degreasing → roller brushing machine → washing roller brushing machine → hot air dryer → shear machine → recoiling machine

Chemical degreasing cleaning line

Chemical degreasing is carried out by saponification and emulsification,The former can remove the animal and vegetable oil,the latter can remove the mineral oil.

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