Application and characteristics

1. Apply to carbon steel, special steel and other strip rolling. Particularly suitable for rolling high-precision flat, thin strip.

2.With hydraulic bending roll device and an intermediate roll shifting device,Can quickly adjust the strip crown, Change the contact pressure distribution between the rolls,Eliminating the unwanted contact area between the rolls,to control the plate shape and plate convexity purposes.

3.Finished plate flat, stable, controllable, effectively improve the strip edge thinning and edge crack phenomenon; Can be configured with smaller working roller diameter,Increased pass reduction and total reduction rolling process,Work roll can be used flat roller type, reducing the amount of spare roll and consumption.

4. AGC 6-hi HC High precision mill control, especially for high-precision flat, strip rolling.

Process flow

Uncoiler (coil car)→Starting straightening machine→Front coiler→(Unloading car)→Machine front device→ 6-hi main rolling mil→ Machine after the device→After the coiler (Unloading car)→ (Auxiliary wrapper)

Production line process parameters  

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