Equipment technical data


1. Applicable materials: Cold-rolled flat steel

2. Material quality: Domestic genuine steel or international standard steel

3. Tensile strength: δb ≤ 450Mpa, δS ≤ 260Mpa,

4. Material thickness: 2-10mm, can be customized

5. Material width: 12-100mm (Max)

6. Coil inner hole: φ350-φ600 can be customized.

7. Coil weight: 3000Kg (Max)

Finished products parameters:

1. Width b (mm): 20-100;

2. Width accuracy: + 0.3 ~ -0.9mm;

3. Specified length L: 0-12m;

4. Length accuracy: 0 ~ ± 0.5- ± 3mm (according to the customer selected length of equipment, high precision servo, frequency conversion cost-effective);

5. Curvature: not more than 2mm curvature per meter, the total curvature not more than 0.25% of the total length;

 Other parameters: 

1. The production line process line speed: 20-25m / min;

2. Production methods: Continuous production without interruption;

3. Production line direction: From left to right (control console face to the machine units , according to customer requirements).

4. Production operators: One skilled workers, one general worker

5. Equipment Color : Grass green (also according to customer requirements)

Production line equipment composition 

Simple material rack → seven-roll first straightening → Chamfering extrusion machine → two-roll pinch machine → vertical straightening machine → plane straightening machine → hydraulic track cutting machine → fixed length receiving station (including electrical system) 

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