Manual expanding-collapsing coiler characteristic: 

1.Suitable for all kinds of coilers, also sheet metal and non-metallic materials ,
2.Can be equipped with variable frequency AC motor or DC motor to provide power to match the feeding device can also be used with the leveling machine, pickling line, printing and dyeing equipment, and other supporting equipment.
3.Can also install manual brake or pneumatic brake device to provide tension, the size of the tension can be adjusted; spindle to strengthen the overall use of the spindle, Material smooth rotation,big load.
4.Match with stamping machine : Indispensable component of automated production, saving manpower, material resources, reduce costs, good special effects.
5.Converter accept Inovance or INVT company products, DC converter using Parke590 or Siemens 6RA8 series.

Manual expanding-collapsing coiler with special device (optional) :

Inner diameter size, material weight can be customized according to customer requirements, the pressure device of thick material to install hydraulic pressure arm, the motor specifications can be variable frequency, DC or servo control.

Manual expanding-collapsing coiler specifications: Can be customized according to  customer specific requirements , the Maximum width to 1800mm

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