A Balance of Real World and Digital Play

Encouraging learning through play

OOKS is an interactive story-creation app
for children that enables them to create awesome real world books through digital play, and develops their love of books, reading, and storytelling in the process!

Unleash Their Imagination (and Laughter!)

Your child will create an OOK as unique as they are and take them on an amazing journey through the OOKiverse. They’ll go on adventures to create stories, unlock items to customise their own OOKS HQ, and best of all, the more books they make, the more OOKS they create! You’ll see your child’s own personal OOK as the star on the front cover of the book, with their name written as the author!

About the books


 We believe digital and real world play should complement each other, so we created OOKS: a digital play experience that lets children become the authors of their very own real world books!


We want children to benefit from an exciting and empowering play experience where self-esteem is built, nurtured, and then realised in an ultra-personalised book created by the child.

Safe & Transparent

Our play experiences follow COPPA guidelines. Once your child enters the app you can be assured of their safety! Our pricing structure is completely transparent, leaving you in full control of all transactions.

Our mission is to create a love of books, reading and storytelling with an aim to encourage high levels of advanced literacy and digital skills from an early age.

OOKS are Books Brought to Life!

Just like us, OOKS are shaped by the adventures they go on and the choices they make - the difference is that an OOK becomes that story! Did they have a wrestling match? Then maybe they have a luchadore mask! Did they meet a crazy hummingbird? Then maybe they sprouted wings! Their StoryStuff makes them who they are!

How it works
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