OOKS is an ultra-personalised story creation app and brand for children that enables them to create awesome real world books through play, and develops their love of books, reading and storytelling in the process!

OOKS engages children in creative, fun, and enriching play experiences. We believe digital and real world play should complement each other, so we created OOKS: a digital play experience that lets children become the authors of their very own real world books!

OOKS enables children to create incredible, ultra-personalised books through play: their imagination shapes the landscape while their choices write the story! OOKS is designed to unleash the storyteller in every child, allowing them to be creative and imaginative while having enormous amounts of fun.

OOKS are books brought to life!

Just like us, OOKS are shaped by the adventures they go on and the choices they make - the difference is that an OOK becomes that story! Did they have a wrestling match? Then maybe they have a luchadore mask! Did they meet a crazy hummingbird? Then maybe they sprouted wings! Their StoryStuff makes them who they are!