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Thursday, March 1, 2018

OOKS: Empowering Young Authors

Does your child want to become an author of their very own book? Well now they can with OOKS!

OOKS is an exciting new App that immerses children in a stimulating and colourful story fuelled world inhabited by delightful creatures and packed with excitement and adventure. Here children experience the fun and thrill of shaping the story narrative through their choices while their creativity and artistic input adorn the landscape. The magic continues when the story created is presented to the child as a book of which they are the named author and that can be purchased and delivered straight to their door!

This unique achievement is designed to spur children back into reading and story creation without making it feel like a chore. How can they resist a book they have written themselves? Who can say books are dull when they’ve just written one themselves?  Imagine the sense of pride and achievement as the child reads their book and shares its story with family and friends!

The existence of the child’s books outside the game and their acknowledged authorship will build self-esteem while the sharing of the book with family and peers will lead to positive real world interaction and socialisation. And so begins a love affair with reading, writing and literacy that will stay with the child for a lifetime!  

Children tend to play relatively passively online with little or no tangible benefit to show for time invested.

It is the seamless join between the gaming world with which children are so enamoured and the complimentary counter balance of stimulating real life interaction and skills that is unique to OOKS. The excitement, sharing and fun enjoyed by both parent and child as together they explore the book delivered to their door is tangible real world validation of time well spent in digital play by the child.

The OOKS play experience is designed to inspire and encourage children to return multiple times to this world of creativity and fun. When they step back into the OOKiverse, it once again forms around them. Odd facts about the world and the characters they meet, the choices they make and the revelations from these choices all ensure that every time they play a scene, they will uncover and experience more of the world. This total engagement not only enhances the learning curve but also makes the learning process invisible from the child’s point of view because they’re ‘just having a great play experience.”

OOKS allows children to make a book and enjoy the art of story creation in much the same way as they enjoy throwing and splashing paint on a blank canvas. It is instinctual, compelling and non-judgmental. Most of all its fun!

OOKS is available to download now for free on Google Play and the App Store. The perfect way to spend your World book day!

You can also download some free OOK goodies below!

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