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Monday, May 27, 2019

OOKS 5 in 1 Classic Board game

We are delighted to announce the release of our first OOKS boardgame, now available in Smyths Toy stores in the UK and Ireland.

Meet the Wacky COOKOOK, famous for his Zombie Cupcakes, music-loving DISCOOK might become your favourite or the clever and inventive BRAINYOOK will be the one you like the most. Don’t forget SKELETOOK who loves to scare, yummy, scrummy DELICIOOK, or take charge of OOKLAF the great leader of the OOKs!. Compete against your opponents and become the greatest player in the OOKIVERSE!

Packed with all of the fun and excitement that made these exciting games an unforgettable part of your childhood, OOKS 5 in 1 Classic Games now adds an exciting new twist, a twist that introduces kids to the wacky world of the OOKS and includes the opportunity to experience an exciting educational OOKS play experience that will thrill them and amaze you!

Inside the box you will find a discounted voucher, our gift to you for purchasing OOKS 5 in Classic games. Redeemable against the purchase of an incredible ultra-personalised Digital OOKS book that can be created by your child, starring their very own peronalised OOK and packed with stuff created by them. Download the app to find out more.

Play OOKS 5 in 1 Classic Games and have endless hours of fun then go create your very own OOKS book and discover even more about the incredible world of the OOKS!

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