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Monday, January 1, 2018

Digital Storytelling

Storytelling has been used as a teaching tool for thousands of years. It is an especially popular communication tool amongst children that encourages their cognitive and social development and expands their creativity. We all remember being read to as a child; it was a special experience that exposed us to fantasy lands and whimsical characters, undoubtedly igniting creative thoughts and ideas in our heads. That’s what storytelling is all about!

Here at OOKS HQ, we are all too aware of the importance of stories in the lives of children. With the world becoming more technologically advanced and digital devices playing a big part in the lives of children, it’s important for traditional practices to be nurtured as part of a harmonious relationship that embraces digital and the changing landscape. We created OOKS for this exact reason - to allow storytelling to continue to be at the forefront of play experiences for kids!

Digital storytelling is essentially the traditional method of performing a narrative combined with the modern technology of today. It presents children with an exciting opportunity to create their own piece of media and encourages them to question things whilst also learning that the sky's the limit! Not only is storytelling an incredibly social experience, it also improves early literacy, encourages communication, sharpens memory and ultimately inspires children to write stories of their own! The OOKS play experience provides children with the tools to create personalised stories through play and in the sharing of these stories reveal the storyteller within. And while going on a story adventure and creating an ultra personalised book is great fun, it requires the child’s concentration and attention.

The future of storytelling remains bright and ever-changing. Now, more than ever it is vital for parents to encourage children to read, write and create. The OOKS experience makes this easily achievable and fun!

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