At OOKS HQ you’ll find a creative team of writers, designers, developers, animators, producers, jokers, and above all, storytellers! We all share a love of reading and storytelling and we want to share this passion with you and your children. We combine having fun with working extremely hard to ensure our products are of the highest standard possible. Being able to share our work with you and your children is a privilege. We're sure you're going to love the OOK experience as much as we do!

Noel Donegan


Luz Donegan


Emmet Byrne

Lead Producer

Laura Jane Phelan

Art Director

Yvonne Keane

Online Community Manager

John Lennon



We want children to benefit from an exciting and empowering play experience where self-esteem is built, nurtured, and then realised in an ultra-personalised book created by the child.

Safety & Transparency

Our play experiences follow COPPA guidelines. Once your child enters the app you can be assured of their safety!

Our pricing structure is completely transparent, leaving you in full control of all transactions. And best of all, we deliver right to your door for free!

Parents are the Experts!

At OOKS HQ, we believe YOU are the experts! Who knows your child better than you? Please contact us at any stage with your questions and suggestions. Together, let’s bring out the very best in these important little people!