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“The key difference between OOKS and other story creation apps is the ease with which a physical book can be made and received. The books themselves are of excellent quality.  Their clear and vivid artwork is printed on good A4 paper stock printed in landscape format with a robust perfect binding (not staples) and a cover that, although not hardback, has a good-quality feel. It reflects the choices made in the chosen story and the child's own drawings that they contributed to it.  It is as good as many of the children's books that you might find in a bookshop but with the bonus of reflecting its owner's creative decisions.”

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“OOKS is a kid-friendly story-telling app that encourages language, memory, organization, and other important skills. Educationally speaking, this app is outstanding.  Young children will love creating their own adventures, and there are countless variations even in the single world that is currently available in the app (more are promised soon).

The stories feature many interactions and chances for the young authors to express their preferences that direct the story. This app will build language skills, story-telling skills, and memory skills. Kids will also improve their listening capabilities, and much more. It is very valuable as an educational tool.”

Made for Mums Reviews

“The book looks great and a high quality. I was actually really surprised with that.

Going to a bookshop you would easily spend £15-£18 for an average looking book, so spending few extra pounds for something that special make it for sure worthwhile!”

“My daughter Maisie has loved reading her OOKS book. She was very proud of herself when she saw her name as the author. She has taken her book into school to show her friends and teacher and many of her friends commented that they would like one too.”