While playing in the OOKS world, your child will create a book that is ultra personalised to them! Their drawings will decorate the landscape and their choices will direct the story. How did they defeat the dinosaur at Mount Gargoyle? A catapult? A dance-off? A tea-party? Your child’s unique OOK book will reflect the magic of their own imagination!

Watch your child’s face light up when their book arrives full of artwork they created and personalised just for them! Not only have they created their very own book but they’ll gain a  love of storytelling, writing, and reading - gifts that will stay with them for the rest of their life.

Welcome to OOKS World!

Want to learn more about the world of OOKS? Our introductory OOKS World book is coming soon!
Packed with stories, adventure, activities, and even recipes, the OOKS World book is the perfect way to explore the amazing world of OOKS before our app launches!
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Warning: Contains laughter inducing material.