To get started on your OOKsome adventure, follow the steps below and let your child become a story maker!

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Step 1:

Download the App

Download the OOKS app from your preferred store - available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Register your account and keep up to date with your child’s progress.


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Step 2:

Personalised OOK

At the beginning of the OOKS app, your child is asked 6 questions about themselves: what’s their favourite colour, their personality, favourite food, favourite animal, favourite hobby, and what character they would most like to meet. These answers are then combined to create an OOK that reflects their answers! Your child’s OOK avatar is completely unique to them, full of their favorite things!

Step 3:

The Story Adventure Begins!

As your child plays with the OOKS app, they begin to create their own unique story. The choices and actions they make on their adventure shape the narrative and become part of their own unique book. Their personalised book will be jam-packed with their artwork and creativity.

Step 4:

Order your Book at Anytime and from Anywhere!

You can login to at any time to see the books your child has created. When your child has created a new book, you will be emailed a link to your child's unique story. Follow the email link to preview your child's personalised story book. You can order your book at any time with FREE shipping & international delivery!

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