Books that celebrate your child's unique imagination

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Download the OOKS app from your preferred store - available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Create your account by simply filling in your email address and password. Prepare for an OOKsome adventure!

Begin your Digital Story

As your child plays with the OOKS app, they begin to create their own unique story. The choices and actions they make on their adventure shape the narrative and becomes part of their own unique book.

Order your Own Book!

Once you've registered in the OOKS app, you can then directly access and preview the unique books your child has created by logging into our website. You can order your book at any time for delivery anywhere in the world!

Compatible with Almost all Devices

Download the OOKS app to almost any mobile device anywhere in the world. Register your account and let the fun begin!


Each OOKS book is unique to the child who created it.

OOKS books are printed on high-quality paper with a semi-hardback cover. They are built to be cherished, read and re-read! We deliver internationally.


Where Literacy, Reading, Digital Skills and Fun Meet.

By empowering kids to tell stories, literacy improves - all while they are having fun. Children create awesome real world books through play, and develop their love of books, reading and storytelling in the process!

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We also provide regular tips and advice to encourage your little one to embrace the world of books and help you navigate their digital world.

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