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OOKs Personalised books

Where Kids Write the Story

There’s simply no other personalised book like an OOKS book!

In the OOKS story maker app, kids make choices, create drawings, and shape the story. We take their creativity and personality and transform it into a beautifully illustrated, ultra personalised story books they will cherish for years to come.

How it works

Beyond the Screen

Fill your child's bookshelves with books they’ve written themselves!

When your child finishes an adventure in the OOKS story maker app, they become the author of their own original book that they can bring to school, read to friends or family and keep for life. Who wouldn't love a book they've just created themselves?

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Everyone has a
Story to Tell

Each child creates their own unique story.

OOKS is designed for boys and girls, aged 5 to 9. Our fully voiced app means that younger player’s can enjoy the adventure even if they are still learning to read, making it the perfect app for reading - OOKS allows kids to write their own books even before they are able to read!

about the books
OOKs kids play


The OOKS story maker app unleashes your child's imagination and creativity, engaging the brain on multiple levels, all while having fun.

OOKs kids Interact


Interactive storytelling gives kids freedom over their choices and the resulting consequences. This builds cognitive development, encourages independence and builds self-esteem.

OOKs kids learning app


Foster a love of books and reading while improving literacy skills, when you sit down together to read their authored book!

Our Thinking

We believe digital and real world play should complement each other

The unique advantage of OOKS is that when kids step away from the app, they have a something tangible that belongs in the real world - their very own book.

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