The ultimate personalised book created through play!

OOKS is an interactive story-creation app that allows children to become the author of their very own ultra-personalised REAL WORLD BOOK.


Where Kids Write the Story

The choices made, the drawings created, and the actions taken by your child in the app are transformed into beautifully illustrated, ultra-personalised books they will cherish for years to come.

How it works

Learning Through Play

OOKS engages children in creative, fun, and enriching digital play experiences. We believe digital and real world play should complement each other, so we created OOKS: an exciting digital play experience that lets children become the authors of their very own real world books!

why ooks
OOKs Book

Beyond the Screen

OOKS is designed to unleash the storyteller in every child, allowing them to be creative and imaginative while having enormous amounts of fun. Their imagination shapes the landscape while their choices write the story! When they're finished you can sit down together and relive their unique adventure in a beautifully illustrated printed book.

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With OOKS, children are active participants in the digital world. The universe they create unleashes the child’s imagination and creativity, engaging the brain on multiple levels, all while having fun.


Interactive storytelling gives kids freedom over their choices and the resulting consequences.  This builds cognitive development, encourages independence and builds self-esteem.


Imagine the excitement when the postman arrives - a personalised book with your child named as the author! Foster a love of books and reading while improving literacy skills, when you sit down together to read their masterpiece.

Our Thinking

Everyone has a story to tell

We create digital play experiences and products that foster a love of books, reading, and storytelling and encourage advanced literacy skills from an early age.

Our safe, ad-free environment enables kids to have active, fun and engaging digital experiences.  Parents and guardians are involved in each stage of the process in an open and transparent manner.

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